Mapri Ehitus is building a villa in Pärnu

In Nomine is happy to report that Mapri Ehitus construction company started to build a new residential and business building in Pärnu that is going to replace an Art Nouveau villa for Railway management that perished in fire 11 years ago. The building is set to be completed by May 2020. The building was designed by BOA architecture firm and Mapri Ehitus is responsible for the construction.

Tarmo Roos, CEO of Mapri Ehitus: „We are excited to work on this project that initially seemed to be a simple construction process. In time it has become more time-consuming and more complicated than first anticipated. We have met the clients needs, changed the project and we now build 1000 square meter underground garage. We also have changed from communicating with customers via long mails to talking with our clients face to face. The customer today lives in Pärnu a walk away from the construction site.

„As an unorthodox solution we are building all the apartments AC compatible to get by with the heat that summer brings to Pärnu, our summer capital. Pärnu is my home town and this is a perfect place to build“, says Tarmo Roos.

Kertu Rohumägi joined our In Nomine team

Kertu graduated from Tallinn University and completed a Bachelor’s degree in public relations. After graduation, she moved to Malta, a little island in the Mediterranean Sea, where she worked in customer relations. After a year and a half it was time to return home. There I received an offer to help with social media management.  One time gig turned into a permanent job with various marketing tasks and multiple clients.

„I never thought about marketing during my university time or that I could ever work in that area. While I really started to like it, I still had a desire to work in public relations and put three years of studies into practice. So I am glad to be finally on that path“

„Living abroad taught me that if necessary I can handle anything. I was facing a brand new industry for me and I still managed to quickly prove myself. When I returned to Estonia I dived into marketing and learned on the go. Public relations in something that I am really passionate about and with the knowledge I already have, I believe I will do even better“, said Kertu.

New American and Estonian choir music on the Voces Musicales new album

Voces Musicales chamber choir cherishes its 20th season with presenting its new album, „A Black Birch in the Winter“ has been released by MSR Classics (USA). In Nomine supported with communication.

On the album and at the concert a fine selection of the contemporary pearls of American and Estonian choral music by Gregory W. Brown, Kile Smith, Evelin Seppar, Maria Kõrvits and Pärt Uusberg is performed. The conductor is David Puderbaugh (USA).

David Puderbaugh, who fifteen years ago, in the fall of 2004, with the benefit of a Fulbright Scholarship, arrived in Tallinn to embark on a yearlong study of the Estonian laulupidu for his doctoral dissertation. He is Assistant Director of Choral Activities at the University of Iowa. Puderbaugh’s current focus centers on Estonian choral music, an interest that resulted in a dissertation research on that country’s national song festivals during the Soviet occupation.

The Chamber Choir Voces Musicales, founded in 1999 by Risto Joost, has a unique place in Estonian musical life, presenting works that are seldom performed due to their difficulty.

The Estonian Academy of Arts building is the Concrete Building of the Year 2018

The Estonian Concrete Association announced the winners of the ‘Concrete Building of the Year Awards 2018’. The prestigious first place award went to the Estonian Academy of Arts new main building.

Here is the introductory video about the Academy of Arts:

The annual contest for determining the best concrete building of the year has been held for 19 years. 23 projects were submitted to this year’s competition. Only projects that were delivered to the contractor in 2018 were eligible to participate. In addition, any structures and procedures which were used within them could also be submitted.

Presenters included Kalle Vellevoog, Carl-Dag Lige and Roger Riewe. In Nomine helped put it all together.

HP seminar, motorcycles and business class computers

In Nomine helped organize HP’s first business breakfast this year. Usually, HP workshops are held twice a year.

The seminar kicked off with HP Business Class device demonstrations. In addition, riveting discussions on HP’s web security and environmentally friendly technology production were had. For information – some new HP products have been made out of recycled plastic bottles.

This time, the HP business seminar wasn’t held in the usual conference room of a hotel. This time the atmosphere was a tad bit more unusual – the aura of rebelliousness was accompanied by motorcycles and smoked meats, in One-Sixty, a restaurant based in Telliskivi. To be clear, the building complex combines a restaurant and a motorcycle workshop.

The seminar day program was cut down the middle by a presentation and tour by the owner’s, Andres Uibomäe’s motorcycle brand Renard Motorcycles and his workshop. Themes of innovation in motorcycle building and the importance of recycling were discussed.

Forrest arrived in Tartu

Forrest is a restaurant/entertainment establishment with a new farm-to-table concept opened in Tartu. In Nomine helped organize Forrest’s press event and pre-opening.

Martti Õigus, head of Forrest: “We see a huge need in Estonia to rebuild the main street entertainment market. Today, we are stuck with 90s bars and clubs. The goal of the Forrest team is to bring a healthy lifestyle to Tartu and to boost vitality and positivity.”

Forrest’s uniqueness lies in their varied evening program. Six days a week, something special happens in Forrest. Mondays are dedicated to industry professionals, Tuesday is board game night, table tennis is played on Wednesdays, stand-up comedians perform on Thursdays. Fridays and Saturdays are for partying. Live performers and DJs take to the stage on Saturdays.

On the ground floor, Forrest is a well-lit fast-casual restaurant covered in lush greenery, offering fast, simple and varied healthy food. Chef Sven Pärn has previously worked as a sous-chef at the NOA restaurant and is now head chef at Forrest.

On the second floor there’s a cocktail bar which will play host to a variety of internationally recognised bartenders. In addition, table tennis is center stage with 4 tables on the top floor. After a strenuous game you can use a shower room, lockers and towels can be rented.

Tõnis Kaasik is the entrepreneur of the year

We congratulate Tõnis Kaasik, our long-time partner on winning the entrepreneur of year award. “In the case of Ecometal, founded by him, it is remarkable what impact the Estonian company may have outside the Baltic Sea region,” said the founder of the award, Ernst & Young Baltic AS partner Ranno Tingas.

Founded in 1999 by Tõnis Kaasik, Ecometal is a unique lead-acid recycling plant in the Baltic States. The factory in Sillamäe employs 60 people and annually processes more than 20,000 tonnes of batteries.