Kertu Rohumägi joined our In Nomine team

Kertu graduated from Tallinn University and completed a Bachelor’s degree in public relations. After graduation, she moved to Malta, a little island in the Mediterranean Sea, where she worked in customer relations. After a year and a half it was time to return home. There I received an offer to help with social media management.  One time gig turned into a permanent job with various marketing tasks and multiple clients.

„I never thought about marketing during my university time or that I could ever work in that area. While I really started to like it, I still had a desire to work in public relations and put three years of studies into practice. So I am glad to be finally on that path“

„Living abroad taught me that if necessary I can handle anything. I was facing a brand new industry for me and I still managed to quickly prove myself. When I returned to Estonia I dived into marketing and learned on the go. Public relations in something that I am really passionate about and with the knowledge I already have, I believe I will do even better“, said Kertu.