Mapri Ehitus is building a villa in Pärnu

In Nomine is happy to report that Mapri Ehitus construction company started to build a new residential and business building in Pärnu that is going to replace an Art Nouveau villa for Railway management that perished in fire 11 years ago. The building is set to be completed by May 2020. The building was designed by BOA architecture firm and Mapri Ehitus is responsible for the construction.

Tarmo Roos, CEO of Mapri Ehitus: „We are excited to work on this project that initially seemed to be a simple construction process. In time it has become more time-consuming and more complicated than first anticipated. We have met the clients needs, changed the project and we now build 1000 square meter underground garage. We also have changed from communicating with customers via long mails to talking with our clients face to face. The customer today lives in Pärnu a walk away from the construction site.

„As an unorthodox solution we are building all the apartments AC compatible to get by with the heat that summer brings to Pärnu, our summer capital. Pärnu is my home town and this is a perfect place to build“, says Tarmo Roos.