Fitek enters the UK market

The e-invoicing tech company Fitek is expanding to the UK market. The company has an invoice management solution suitable for the market. The UK office is open and the first employees are already working on providing the best e-invoicing solutions on the market.

Fitek operates in the Baltics and in other European countries such as Slovakia, Czechia, Serbia, the UK and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The first international e-waste day

On October 13th, the first international E-Waste Day was held to promote the recycling of electronic equipment worldwide. The goal of the E-Waste Day is to raise public awareness of the recycling of e-waste.

Only 20% of electronic waste is recycled annually worldwide. This means that 40 million tonnes of e-waste will reach landfills or incineration plants. Outdated electronics are also sold to countries with inadequate waste management options even though 66% of the world’s population live in countries where e-waste legislation is in place. This results in the loss of substantial and critical raw materials in the supply chain. Illegal shipments of waste are causing serious health, environmental and social problems.

“Consumers play an important role in the recycling of e-waste. It begins with the right place and the right people for delivering e-waste” said Margus Vetsa, Member of the Management Board of EES-Ringlus.

Prior to E-Waste day, on 12 October, a media excursion was held at the Rahumäe waste station and additionally at the only electronic equipment reprocessing plant in Estonia – WeeRec OÜ.

The International E-Waste Day was launched by the WEEE Forum and their 26 members, involving 40 different organizations in 20 different countries around the world.

Exhibition and book: 100 buildings – one hundred years

The Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs and the Association of Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers decided to make a gift for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia – the book and exhibition “100 Buildings – One Hundred Years. EV100.

The gift presents the buildings and facilities selected by a jury, each of which represents one specific year in the history of Estonia – 100 in total. The jury consisted of representatives from the Estonian Association of Architects, the Estonian Architecture Museum, the Estonian Association of Building Engineers, the Association of Estonian Building Consulting Companies, the Tallinn University of Technology, the Estonian Association of Construction Contractors and the Estonian Building Materials Manufacturers Association.

Exhibition and book authors:

– The idea: Toomas Kään
– Co-authors: Toomas Kään, Epp Lankots, Maris Mändel, Triin Ojari, Karin Paulus, Sander Sein, Robert Treufeldt, Madis Tuuder, Leele Out, Mait Väljas.
– Curator: Leele Välja
– Graphic design: Andres Tali
– Spatial design: Johan Tali
– Project manager: Toomas Kään (In Nomine).

More information about the exhibition can be found here:

Fujitsu Talents Digital Expedition

With the support of In Nomine team, Fujitsu Talents Digital Expedition took place on 26-27 April 2018, where 30 people with IT backgrounds from all over the world gathered in Estonia.

In Nomine organised meetings where topics such as legislation, eye-to-eye decisions and their successful mixing with digital media were discussed.

Special thanks to:

Nortal, Cybernetica, SMIT, Maksu- ja Tolliamet, Maailmakoristusmeeskond, e-Estonia showroom, Tax and Customs Board, World Cleanup Team, e-Estonia showroom, NATO Cyber Defense Competence Center, Valkla beach restaurant, Timbeter, Technopol Ülemiste, the Dominic Restaurant, Peeter Marvet, Mart Reimann and of course Fujitsu Estonia.

Visit to the Pobeda Vkusa’s chocolate factory

Estonian journalists visited Pobeda Vkusa’s factory near Moscow in Jegorjevsky to see how Pobeda Vkusa’s chocolate is produced.

The factory belongs to a family company started in 2000 and is owned by Vitali and Olga Muravjov. The company sources their raw materials from Africa (Provincial Lagoon and Ghana) to produce the best quality sweets made from natural cocoa. Pobeda Vkusa has two factories in Russia and one in Latvia with more than 1500 employees. The factory near Moscow produces 60 tonnes of chocolate daily.

Pobeda’s sweets are also available in Estonia – in Stockmann, R-kiosk, the Baltic Station Market and many other places. In Nomine recommends Pobeda’s truffles, these are certainly the best Pobeda has to offer!

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New Dacia Duster – International test ride in Riga

Baltic car journalists (Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian) were invited to try the new Dacia Duster in Jurmala, Latvia. The test drives took place on the 13th and 14th of March.

The early spring weather conditions provided challenging driving conditions. It was a great opportunity to see what the new Dacia Duster can do.

Journalists had the opportunity to compare the previous Dacia Duster with the new asphalt road to see how the car’s driving characterics have evolved. The rainy weather and the slippery surface made the comparison even more pronounced.

After two days of hard testing in different conditions and landscapes a conclusion was reached – the new Dacia Duster has maintained a special look and all the right features of the previous model, while improving the off-roading capabilities. The new Dacia Duster has relied on the best of the previous model and has made great improvements in almost all areas while maintaining a shockingly affordable price.