New kindergarten in Tallinn, Kalamaja got a cornerstone

The cornerstone for a new kindergarten Kelluke has been laid in Tallinn, Kalamaja. The construction is proceeding on schedule and the building will be completed by this autumn.

The cornerstone of the kindergarten Kelluke was laid by Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev, District Elder of Põhja-Tallinn Manuela Pihlap, the director of the kindergarten Tamara Borsuk and the CEO of Mapri Ehitus Tarmo Roos. In the time capsule, there were construction plans of the kindergarten, some coins, kind wishes of the kindergarten for future generations and pictures drawn by the children.

Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev thinks that the old kindergarten building was outdated and as more and more young people and families with children are moving to Kalamaja, there will be a greater need for kindergarten services.

The Kelluke kindergarten is being built by our PR agency’s good partner Mapri Ehitus.The company’s CEO Tarmo Roos thinks that the kindergarten will be a completely new and modern building that will fit in well with its surroundings. “When laying the cornerstone for the nursery, I can’t imagine exactly what it will be like. However, I believe that the teachers and children here will have a completely new kindergarten experience, and I am sure that the parents will be satisfied with everything when it’s finished”, said Tarmo Roos.

IMP in Israel becomes a member of Eurocom Worldwide

Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR network, is entering the Israeli market with the appointment  of IMP International, a full-service PR and marketing agency based in Jerusalem specializing  in taking companies and their products to the global Jewish market as well as to niche  markets in Israel. Furthermore, IMP provides media representation and was chosen to be the  commercial media representation in Israel for the New York Times (USA), the Times of India,  the Daily Telegraph (UK), the Khaleej Times (UAE), The Gulf News (Bahrain), and also many  Jewish publications worldwide. 

Eurocom Worldwide is one of the largest independent PR and marketing communications  networks with its particular focus on key technology, industrial and commercial sectors.  Founded in 2002, it currently comprises 26 member agencies in more than 40 offices covering  over 70 countries across all five continents.  

“We are proud to become part of the global family of Eurocom Worldwide”, says Gidon Katz,  CEO of IMP International. “One of IMP’s key strengths is worldwide Jewish media, including  dozens of publications in more than 20 countries – in print and digital and across all social  platforms. Plus unrivalled expertise in the vibrant and expanding Israeli markets. With  Eurocom Worldwide we now have partner agencies all over the world to cooperate with on all  kinds of clients and prospects who want to address both Jewish communities worldwide and  the vibrant and growing Israeli market.” 

IMP specializes in synchronizing brand marketing efforts to most effectively reach Jewish  and niche audiences, including digital and content marketing, PR and media buying. The  agency provides services for companies in a variety of fields, including the B2B sector,  tourism, real estate, NGOs, food & wine, finance, and more.  

“It’s great to welcome IMP on board to Eurocom Worldwide”, says Robin Baker, Chairman of  Eurocom Worldwide. “We have always aimed at covering Israel with its diverse entrepreneurial  culture. IMP is the perfect partner for us in this extremely dynamic environment as they can  support both Israeli companies that want to go global as well as global companies that enter  the Israeli market.” 

About Eurocom Worldwide 

Eurocom Worldwide was established in 2002 and is today one of the leading global networks of  independent, privately owned PR and marketing communications agencies. Our member agencies  specialise in B2B communications with a unique focus on key technology, industrial and commercial  sectors. Eurocom Worldwide has 26 member agencies comprising over 500 communications  specialists in 40 national capitals and centres of commerce around the globe. Our scope of business  exceeds more than 1000 client enterprises and organizations in 70 countries across all five continents.  Please visit 

Context Public Relations in the UK joins Eurocom Worldwide

Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR network, is strengthening its representation in the UK  market with the appointment of Context Public Relations alongside its existing member  Napier. Founded in 1992 by Frank Smith near Manchester, Context is focussing on the IT &  technology sector including Consumer Tech, HealthTech and FinTech in the UK and Ireland.  Napier will continue to act as Eurocom Worldwide’s lead member for the B2B industry whilst  Context will handle all incoming B2C clients and prospects.  

Eurocom Worldwide is one of the largest independent PR and marketing communications  networks with its particular focus on key technology, industrial and commercial sectors.  Founded in 2002, it currently comprises 26 member agencies in 40 offices covering over 70  countries across all five continents.  

“We have joined Eurocom Worldwide because more and more of our clients are demanding  international PR activities and we want to offer them the same standard of service on a global  scale as they get from us in the UK and Ireland”, says Frank Smith, founder and MD of Context.  “Eurocom is the perfect match for us since its members are all independent, mid-sized and  focus on IT & technology sectors all over the world.” 

Context helps technology companies grow their business through media relations, content  marketing, social media and inbound marketing programmes based on 28 years’ experience,  servicing over 200 national and international technology clients.  

The team has handled highly sensitive issues for major international companies from mergers  and acquisitions to security breaches and product safety issues. Context is also a member of  the UK PRCA, demonstrating their commitment to standards and ethics. 

“We are excited to welcome Context to our global PR network”, says Robin Baker, Chairman  of Eurocom Worldwide. “The UK is a crucial market for us that generates excellent leads and  is also very attractive for many international clients to set foot in. Therefore, we are well  positioned now with our two members Napier and Context who cover the whole range of B2B  and B2C clients and prospects for our network.” 

Sony experiences with the power of sound

According to a recent study 58% of people across Europe report feeling lower than ever before during the pandemic, with 72% of people recognising that music has helped them through a difficult time.

Scientific studies have proven that music can be a mood regulation tool, with tempo significantly altering our emotional response. Major and minor tones can take something from uplifting to melancholy. 85% of people across Europe having seen their mood affected by music.

Inspired by the research, Sony has created two new visual representations of how powerful music can impact us physically and emotionally. Powered by Sony’s new High-Power Audio speakers, the MHC-V83D and MHC-V73D the videos portray the ways in which high and low tempo music, coupled with the speakers omnidirectional sound and lighting features, effects our bodies and the objects around us.

Watch the video with a slower tempo music track first, which should evoke more melancholic feelings with Tails by Jack Chown, The Music Lab

Then re-energise with a song that has a faster tempo that should evoke happiness; brought to life by Gutenmorgen from Jack Chown, The Music Lab.

The report has combined the work of Dr David Lewis of Mindlab International, Warwick University with commentary from industry professions across Europe and market research company, One Poll, who conducted survey / data research across Europe. The statistics within the report are a collective of 3,000 respondents across three territories – UK, Germany and Hungary.

Renault E-Tech hybrid range now in Estonia

In October, we invited Estonian car journalists over to Proto Invention Factory and introduced Renault’s new E-Tech hybrid technology. Clio hybrid and Captur and Mégane Grandtour plug-in hybrids were parked in front of the house.

The Clio E-Tech hybrid is able to drive in the city up to 80% of the time on electric power alone, saving up to 40% of fuel in city compared to a petrol engine. The Captur E-Tech and Mégane E-Tech plug-in hybrids can run 100% electric at a speed up to 135 km / h. This allows for an electric range of 50 km on a combined cycle (WLTP) and up to 65 km on a city cycle(WLTP City).

The innovative hybrid technology began with the development of the Renault Formula 1 car, and the first prototype of the engine was built from Legos.

Is COVID-19 a Game Changer for the global PR industry?

Our partners from Eurocom Worldwide made a survey among medium sized enterprises in the B2B and technology industry identifies changes in PR and marketing communications practices triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Almost 80% of the survey respondents – most of them either senior communications professionals or MDs/CEOs – reported that they have either partially or even completely rethought their communications practices and corporate messaging during the COVID-19 pandemic while the implementation of new tools for marketing communications purposes has significantly increased.

For example, according to one survey respondent: “The pandemic made us rethink not only the way we communicate but also changed our target markets.”

And 37% of the respondents stated that the digital transformation is being accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and thus PR and marketing communications will never be the same again.

Read more:

The first Environmental Product Declarations in the Estonian precast concrete industry

OÜ TMB Element, the leading manufacturer of concrete elements in Estonia, is the first Estonian company to implement international Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its products – precast concrete elements. These are the first EPDs in Estonia issued for products of an Estonian company.

Environmental Product Declarations are used in green certificates and building life cycle assessments (LCAs). In construction projects, where a life cycle assessment of a building is mandatory, there are already situations, especially in Scandinavian countries, where building material producers cannot participate in the procurement without an EPD.

The method has been used in several countries for many years already, and several European countries have announced that it will be mandatory in the near future – in Norway and Sweden in 2022 and in Finland in 2024.

“According to Water quality laws, with the implementation of Environmental Product Declarations, we will start measuring the CO2 footprint of our products and will also be able to start consciously reducing our carbon footprint,” said Urmas Paas, the technology and quality manager of OÜ TMB Element. “On the other hand, it will allow us to become more open and competitive in our export markets, especially in several of our neighboring countries, where the use of EPDs is becoming mandatory in the coming years,” Paas added.

The Environmental Product Declarations of OÜ TMB Element’s products can be viewed on the website of the issuer of the EPDs, RTS EPD (Finland):
OÜ TMB Element (founded in 1961) is Estonia’s leading manufacturer of concrete elements. The company’s turnover in 2019 was 20.9 million euros, of which 53% was exports. The company employs 160 people.

Good news brings customers back

As a communication person, I said during the previous crisis and I am saying now that in difficult times, we need good news stores that encourage fighting spirit, lead out of the crisis and bring customers back.

There is talk of a “new normality” coming after the crisis, which will force people to radically change their consumption habits. Today, we do not yet know exactly what this new normality is, but on the one hand, consumption is affected by the economic situation that has hit people and companies, and on the other hand, our consumption and behavioral habits may indeed be reviewed and choices changed.

It is necessary to invite customers back to us. Of course, building trust is always a long way off, but it needs to be done again. Entrepreneurs and business people look for the positive in numbers first, but if there are no beautiful numbers at the moment, it makes sense to offer optimistic quality content. As regularly as possible and in different channels.

But what to do then? The team came together again after a few months of isolating in the home office, the office is working hard, the factory is in production again, the shop and the restaurant are open – share photos and lively messages on social media. Despite the crisis, you continue to act vigorously – do you find supportive comments or even numbers for the economic news? Or work part-time at home now – talk about what it looks like and how it will benefit your business. You changed the service, are planning a new product, or even received a decent order – let us know about everything good!

We have many channels to talk about. Certainly, classic media in print, radio TV as well as on the web, and due to the new normality, more and more on the web. Social media also allows you to post a moving image. Ask your people once a week, “How do you feel?” and share with others. Or make great in-house videos with employees to keep you motivated. An interesting output could be a blog of the new normality, where the company honestly describes its exit, the changes to be made and how customers will come along with it.

What good news has communications agency In Nomine witnessed recently? At a time when passengers cannot be carried and economic results are deteriorating sharply, Viking Line has been looking for positive messages elsewhere, such as the progress of freight transport. Because the ship that sails twice between Tallinn and Helsinki on weekdays is full of trucks, freight transport works. The Finnish side also listened the recommendations and shared this positive news in their local media. Viking Line’s freight traffic is growing.

Together with the construction company Mapri Ehitus, we focused on informing about the completed projects, as well as talked about the completion of several new buildings and the laying of the cornerstone of the Estover biogas plant. The cornerstone event received proper media coverage in the time when “real news” are left on the background. Biogas station sends oil shale based fuel to the past.

In the meantime, with the financial technology company Fitek, we thought that the forced digital revolution that has pinned people down to their screens could make people use e-billing channels even more, and we bought out supportive growth numbers.

However, if, instead of good news, the media decides to focus on the not so positive news, let’s just accept it and, at best, rub our hands, as competitors are not doing any better in the eyes of the media either. 

Let us talk about our actions to others and share the good news. The slogan of the former telecom company Q-GSM “Talk to people” fits perfectly here. Because if you don’t talk, no one will know. So, go ahead, and toot your own horn. 

Napier becomesUK member of Eurocom Worldwide

The global PR Network appoints one of the leading UK agencies for integrated B2B and technology communications.

Napier, a leading UK communications agency with a dedicated focus on the B2B and technology sectors, is the new UK member of Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR Network for B2B and technology. Eurocom Worldwide comprises 26 independent, privately owned PR and marketing communications agencies in 40 offices covering 70 countries across all five continents. All member agencies specialise in B2B with a focus on key technology, industrial and commercial sectors.