HP seminar, motorcycles and business class computers

In Nomine helped organize HP’s first business breakfast this year. Usually, HP workshops are held twice a year.

The seminar kicked off with HP Business Class device demonstrations. In addition, riveting discussions on HP’s web security and environmentally friendly technology production were had. For information – some new HP products have been made out of recycled plastic bottles.

This time, the HP business seminar wasn’t held in the usual conference room of a hotel. This time the atmosphere was a tad bit more unusual – the aura of rebelliousness was accompanied by motorcycles and smoked meats, in One-Sixty, a restaurant based in Telliskivi. To be clear, the building complex combines a restaurant and a motorcycle workshop.

The seminar day program was cut down the middle by a presentation and tour by the owner’s, Andres Uibomäe’s motorcycle brand Renard Motorcycles and his workshop. Themes of innovation in motorcycle building and the importance of recycling were discussed.