New kindergarten in Tallinn, Kalamaja got a cornerstone

The cornerstone for a new kindergarten Kelluke has been laid in Tallinn, Kalamaja. The construction is proceeding on schedule and the building will be completed by this autumn.

The cornerstone of the kindergarten Kelluke was laid by Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev, District Elder of Põhja-Tallinn Manuela Pihlap, the director of the kindergarten Tamara Borsuk and the CEO of Mapri Ehitus Tarmo Roos. In the time capsule, there were construction plans of the kindergarten, some coins, kind wishes of the kindergarten for future generations and pictures drawn by the children.

Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev thinks that the old kindergarten building was outdated and as more and more young people and families with children are moving to Kalamaja, there will be a greater need for kindergarten services.

The Kelluke kindergarten is being built by our PR agency’s good partner Mapri Ehitus.The company’s CEO Tarmo Roos thinks that the kindergarten will be a completely new and modern building that will fit in well with its surroundings. “When laying the cornerstone for the nursery, I can’t imagine exactly what it will be like. However, I believe that the teachers and children here will have a completely new kindergarten experience, and I am sure that the parents will be satisfied with everything when it’s finished”, said Tarmo Roos.