Sony experiences with the power of sound

According to a recent study 58% of people across Europe report feeling lower than ever before during the pandemic, with 72% of people recognising that music has helped them through a difficult time.

Scientific studies have proven that music can be a mood regulation tool, with tempo significantly altering our emotional response. Major and minor tones can take something from uplifting to melancholy. 85% of people across Europe having seen their mood affected by music.

Inspired by the research, Sony has created two new visual representations of how powerful music can impact us physically and emotionally. Powered by Sony’s new High-Power Audio speakers, the MHC-V83D and MHC-V73D the videos portray the ways in which high and low tempo music, coupled with the speakers omnidirectional sound and lighting features, effects our bodies and the objects around us.

Watch the video with a slower tempo music track first, which should evoke more melancholic feelings with Tails by Jack Chown, The Music Lab

Then re-energise with a song that has a faster tempo that should evoke happiness; brought to life by Gutenmorgen from Jack Chown, The Music Lab.

The report has combined the work of Dr David Lewis of Mindlab International, Warwick University with commentary from industry professions across Europe and market research company, One Poll, who conducted survey / data research across Europe. The statistics within the report are a collective of 3,000 respondents across three territories – UK, Germany and Hungary.