New Dacia Duster – International test ride in Riga

Baltic car journalists (Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian) were invited to try the new Dacia Duster in Jurmala, Latvia. The test drives took place on the 13th and 14th of March.

The early spring weather conditions provided challenging driving conditions. It was a great opportunity to see what the new Dacia Duster can do.

Journalists had the opportunity to compare the previous Dacia Duster with the new asphalt road to see how the car’s driving characterics have evolved. The rainy weather and the slippery surface made the comparison even more pronounced.

After two days of hard testing in different conditions and landscapes a conclusion was reached – the new Dacia Duster has maintained a special look and all the right features of the previous model, while improving the off-roading capabilities. The new Dacia Duster has relied on the best of the previous model and has made great improvements in almost all areas while maintaining a shockingly affordable price.