Visit to the Pobeda Vkusa’s chocolate factory

Estonian journalists visited Pobeda Vkusa’s factory near Moscow in Jegorjevsky to see how Pobeda Vkusa’s chocolate is produced.

The factory belongs to a family company started in 2000 and is owned by Vitali and Olga Muravjov. The company sources their raw materials from Africa (Provincial Lagoon and Ghana) to produce the best quality sweets made from natural cocoa. Pobeda Vkusa has two factories in Russia and one in Latvia with more than 1500 employees. The factory near Moscow produces 60 tonnes of chocolate daily.

Pobeda’s sweets are also available in Estonia – in Stockmann, R-kiosk, the Baltic Station Market and many other places. In Nomine recommends Pobeda’s truffles, these are certainly the best Pobeda has to offer!

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