Renault estate cars lined up

The 28th of April was a grand day at the A Le Coq Arena. We lined up Renault estate cars, the Talisman Grandtour, the Megane Grandtour and the Clio Grandtour, and determined which car could pack the most stuff.

We used ordinary but clunky items to pack in the three cars. For example, there were three different size bicycles, an exercise ball, a large gym bag and a pair of skis. Estonians appreciate practicality above all else in their cars and that is backed up by the cars on our roads.

All of the three Renault models are available in sedan and estate body shapes but half of them are bought in the latter configuration. The affinity for small cars that is present in larger, more congested European cities, has not yet reached Estonia.

The Estonian Football Association’s car fleet consists exclusively of Renault models which is why the press event took place at the Arena.

The three Renault’s boot space is as follows: the Clio Grandtour has 445 litres of boot space which grows to 1380 litres with the back seats reclined. The Megane Grandtour has an impressive 521 litres of boot capacity and 1504 litres with the rear seats reclined. Lastly, The boot of the Talisman Grandtour can fit 572 litres of items and the number grows to 1621 litres with the rear seats laid flat.