Concrete Building of the Year 2023 is a Private Residence on Purje Street in Pirita

In Nomine helped organize Concrete Day at KUMU on March 26, where the winners of the “Concrete Building of the Year 2023” competition were announced. The Concrete Building of the Year 2023 is a private residence on Purje Street in Pirita.

The main award for the competition, architecture, went to ÖÖ-ÖÖ Architects LLC: Ülo-Tarmo Stöör, Lembit-Kaur Stöör, and Silver Liiberg.

Additional Contributors:

  • Interior Architect: ÖÖ-ÖÖ Architects LLC: Mari-Liis Süld
  • Client: Private individual
  • Structural Engineer: Estkonsult LLC
  • Main Contractor: Mõttegrupp LLC
  • Concrete Works: PR Betoon LLC
  • Concrete Supplier: Heidelberg Materials Betoon LLC
  • Concrete Finishing: Grest LLC
  • Formwork: PERI LLC

Organizers of the Competition: Estonian Concrete Association and the Estonian Association of Construction Material Producers

Film Production: In Nomine LLC 2024