Lift truck rental company Tõsta turned five years old

Communication agency In Nomine and event promoter Blue Drum organised an exciting afternoon at the home of forklifts and lift trucks on Tänassilma Road for more than a hundred partners on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the lifting equipment rental company Tõsta.

In an address to the partners, Remo Jõeorg, head of Tõsta, part of the RobiRent Group, said that the company, which started five years ago as a conversation in the Seiklusjuttude pub, has grown by at least 30% every year. In just a few years, Tõsta, which has a slogan of “Get to the top”, wants to become the market leader in lifting equipment rental in Estonia. Remo Jõeorg emphasized the need for a team and partners with the well-known phrase: “Alone we move fast, but together we reach the destination”. Today, 25 experts are involved in lifting equipment rental in Tõsta.

Drum Attack, who descended from the ceiling in a forklift, performed a powerful and energetic drum show for the guests, while Carolina showed off a chilling dance on the chains and DJ Janika played music from the forklift platform. As for various games, the forklift slalom between the cones was the most popular among the guests, with the best forklift driver completing the course in 33 seconds. There were also some slower ones who knocked over cones and earned penalty seconds, finishing in four minutes. There was also a game where guests had to knock a wooden stick off the forklift with some of the guests reaching the stick higher than a normal basketball rim usually is – 3 meters and 5 centimeters! In addition, guests who played a quiz on a laptop learned that a big red forklift can lift a six-tonne load up to 13 meters.