Advertising and media

Clear Channel – outdoor media
Ecwador – advertising agency
Tank – advertising agency

Business Consulting

Coface – business information and credit insurance
Hedman Partners –
law firm

Construction and construction materials

E-Betoonelement – production of construction materials
IDO – sanitary engineering
Ilmarine – engineering and production of metal constructions
Jämerä – sales of building materials and dwelling houses
Maxit Estonia – production of construction materials
Sakret – production of construction materials
Silbet – production of building materials
SWECO Projekt – construction engineering
ThermiSol – production of building materials


Kohtla-Järve Soojus – production of heating and electrical energy
Narva Elektrivõrk – electrical energy distribution company

Environmental Technology

ÖkoSil – environmental technology and waste storage
WeeRec – utulization of electronics

Food processing industry

Puls Brewery – alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Tallinna Piimatööstus – dairy products
Viciunai Grupp – group of food processing companies


Astra Zeneca Eesti – pharmaceuticals company
Boehringer Ingelheim Eesti pharmaceuticals company
Janssen-Cilag – pharmaceuticals company
Johnson & Johnson – pharmaceuticals company
Pfizer – pharmaceutical company
Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital Support Fund

Industry, agriculture

Betafence – production of fences
Ceres – sales of horticultural goods
Eleven – ion caldrons
Greiner Packaging – production of plastic packaging
Standard – production of furniture


Airest – aeronautics
Baltic Scandinavian Lines – sea transportation
Itella Information – logistics and IT services
Itella Logistics – logistics
SAS Group – aviaton
TNT Eesti – courier services and logistics


Estonian Athletic Association – sponsorship agreement with Moonika Aava
Kohtla-Järve Soojus football tournament
Stokker-Valvoline Rally Team – Mart Lajali entering the Paris-Dakar rally

State authorities

Enterprise Estonia
European Commission
Ministry of the Environment
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Social Affairs


BenQ-Siemens – production of communications devices
Connecto – construction and maintenance of telecommunications networks
Elcogen – development of fuel cell technology
F-Secure – creation of antivirus software
GNT Eesti – wholesale of computer products
InspirIT – creation of Wiki solutions
InterInx – document management solutions
KonicaMinolta Baltia – sales of printers and photocopiers
Logitech – IT equipment
Metrosert – central agency of Estonian metrology
MobileJava – creation of commercial software
Schneider-Electric Eesti – electrical and telecommunications solutions
Symantec – creation of antivirus software
Varos Group – IT solutions for retail and wholesale trade and industry
ÖkoSil – environmental technology and waste management


Avallone – wholesale of alcoholic beverages
E-Autoline – car retail trade
Euronics – whole- and retail trade of electronical equipment
Ingle – wholesale of chemical goods
Jetoil – wholesale of fuel
PTA Grupp – manufacture and trade of clothing
Stokker – whole and retail trade of hand and agricultural appliances
Novita Eesti – trade of handicraft goods
Prike – wholesale of groceries
Procter & Gamble – wholesale of home chemicals
Tridens – wholesale of food and industrial goods
Volvo Estonia – sales of commercial vehicles

Unions and associations

Estonian Authors’ Society
Concrete Association of Estonia
Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia
Estonian Power and Heat Association
Estonian Plastics Association
Estonian Employers’ Confederation
People’s Union of Estonia
Res Publica

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