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Heikki Sal-Saller Konsultant

Heikki Sal-Saller

Heikki has graduated from the economic faculty of Tallinn Technical University. He has worked as a journalist in Estonian business newspaper Kaubaleht, also in various advertising agencies and PR companies and as a marketing manager of Tallinn Cable Television. Heikki is equally skilled in handelling words and the squash racket.

+372 50 28 705

Toomas Kään  Konsultant

Toomas Kään

Toomas has graduated from Tallinn University majoring in information science. He has worked as head of public relations department of National Library of Estonia, Eesti Energia, and as a consultant for various public relations agencies. Toomas is passionate about collecting and systematizing, his collections include good books, interesting records or other objects that embellish everyday life.

+372 50 10 715

Greta Lüiste Konsultant Lapsehoolduspuhkusel

Greta Lüiste
On maternity leave

Greta graduated from economics faculty of Tallinn University of Technology and the marketing and corporate development studies of University of Cologne. A year she spent studying and working in München. Before starting working in In Nomine, Greta has several times been a trainee and the work in the field of public relations turned out to be very diverse. In free time, she loves to travel, to play tennis, to go skiing or to read a good book.

+372 56 46 75 70

Krista Must Konsultant

Krista Must

Krista studied public relations at Tartu University. During her studies in Tartu she organized the legendary students days. In the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Tallinn University, Krista has tried her hand at creating news and getting it to media, managing and updating webpages. Already for the sixth year, Krista has contributed to the success of the Estonian Public Relations Association (EPRA) by managing and organizing various member activities and events. Her leisure time she invests into the happy childhood of two girls.

+372 51 56 364

Mariliis Pinn Consultant

Mariliis Pinn

Mariliis has graduated from the economic faculty of Tallinn Technical University. She started as an online reporter in Äripäev in 2006. In recent years, she has been a freelance writer and has been busy by writing and editing special editions and travel magazines. She has specialized in technical topics such as IT, engineering and logistics. She likes to travel and to express her travel experiences – where to go, what to see, what to eat or what not to eat – in writing.
If she is not writing, then she sews or takes photos. LizKiz Couture dresses that she has made can be seen on Twirl It photos. In summer, her attention is drawn by tomatoes, chillies, strawberries and other edible stuff that she grows in her greenhouse.

+372 53 422 6654

Merle Ehasalu Konsultant

Merle Ehasalu

Merle has graduated from Tallinn Technical School of Light Industry and later on Tallinn University majoring in English philology. She has been employed in the customer service of Stockmann department store and has worked as a markerting specialist in ferry companies Silja Line and SuperSeaCat. She speaks various languages (English, Russian, Finnish) and knows how to use them. Likes to crack her brain on crosswords and on sudokus.

+372 56 69 8075

Gerda Jürgen Consultant

Gerda Jürgen

Gerda is currently studying public relations at the University of Tallinn. She has been the marketing manager of Tallinn University Student Union. This autumn, she was bound up with the Tallinn’s Student Days where she was responsible for social media. In her opinion, public relations is an area where she can show her creativity and avoid the cunning routine.
She loves animals and has two Siamese cats. Her free time she likes to spend with her family or finds herself in aerobics studio or trying to find joy in a little things.

+372 55 616 694


In Nomine, meaning “on behalf of someone or something”, is a phrase that best embodies the activities of the company offering practical public relations.

In Nomine is a public relations company that is based on Estonian capital and was founded in April 2001. At present the company employs five PR consultants who are experienced journalists and public relations professionals.

The core business of In Nomine is providing public relations, event marketing and media training services. In addition, the company produces photo, video and print materials and advises its customers on customer and in-house newsletters and web production.

In Nomine is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a member of the Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce and a member of the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce.

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